Stop listening to the trainers. The coaches. Even your broker. You didn't get into real estate to be damn telemarketer. You hate cold-calling. Nothing feels right about it. You hate door-knocking. Begging family and friends for referrals. You're better than that and you can't bring yourself to do those things, at least not consistently, because – first and foremost – BEING a desperate pest is not how you were wired...  
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It started September 2014 – The Crusade to Open Eyes!
For several years prior, I opened my eyes & paid attention. What I witnessed in the real estate industry was alarming. There were three factions that dominated the landscape: The Unethicals. The Incompetents. And the TGP (The Guru Party). These three factions combined, like a scene straight out of Hunger Games, led to a broken industry. To the point, the game is rigged against the honest agent. And if you’re an introvert, you don’t have a chance, because the unethical telemarketer and salesperson, who has been coached and trained by The Guru Party, is willing to do everything that you can’t bring yourself to do. Because being an introvert, behaving as a salesperson feels like suffocation.
If you have a moral compass, even worse. Because based on Principle, you refuse to do what The Guru Party in this industry, says you must do, if you want to be successful. Cold-call. Door-knock. Lie. Use gimmicks.
In fact, The Guru Party has become so successful in pushing this message, quite literally, they have brainwashed the majority of agents to believe it.
Let me explain…

You are told to be successful, you must prospect.
You are given scripts and dialogues for this reason. You're instructed to practice these scripts and dialogues for this reason. You're told to “role-play” for this reason.
"Be persistent. Be forceful."
That it is your job - "to cold-call."
That it is your job - "to overcome objections."
That it is your job - "to ignore the rejection" and to stop letting it get to you!
Common sense says this is why the public hates salespeople.
You even have you own personal experience to draw from, to validate this. Nobody likes telemarketers. Nobody likes salespeople. And yet the coaches, trainers, and gurus out there, adamantly insist, "This. Is. Your. Job."
And somehow, the trainers who control this industry - The Guru Party - have figured out a way to brainwash agents into believing this so deeply, on such a deep level, that when agents don't prospect, they actually feel guilt - like they're sabotaging their own success.
And somehow, they've embedded themselves so deep into the psyche of agents, through beating it into their head, and preying on their insecurities: “You're letting down your family. You're letting yourself down. You're causing your business to fail" that agents, they actually feel guilt, when they're not out there prospecting, cold-calling, and annoying people - doing to others (to get business) what they hate to have done to themselves.
So, the question, have agents been brainwashed?
If nothing about "Prospecting is your job" feels right to them, and if agents didn't get into real estate to be a "telemarketer," then why is it so many agents feel guilt - like they're sabotaging their success - when they're not engaged in this hated activity?
And why is it that agents say to themselves, "I know I need to prospect more. I know I need to be more consistent in my prospecting," when prospecting doesn't resonate with the core of their character?
If agents haven't been brainwashed, then what else could explain it?
Welcome to The Low-Information Agent
The cast of Characters, I know, just keeping getting better and better. You got The Unethicals. You got the Incompetents. Both though, are a breed of the Low-information agent. They are incompetent, because they don’t study. They don’t research. They aren’t curious about better business models or practices. And they are Unethical, because without skills, they're forced into full survival mode. And survival, if you watched the Protector videos Series, is the most powerful force on earth.
When it comes to survival, people can rationalize and justify just about anything, even the most unethical & disturbing behaviors. Which why real estate, sadly, is one of the few industries on earth, where the majority of folks in that industry actually hate their own kind. Agents hate Agents, which is telling.
Aside from that, the Low-Information agent is defined by 3 Character Traits:
1 - Status Quo
He protects it, he loves it. He must, because even when he "hates it," he still conforms to it. Just look at his website. Look at his business card. Look at how he positions himself and services, the same exact way as everyone else. When he seeks knowledge, he doesn’t hire someone from outside the industry. Or read a book from a completely different sector. No, he hires a real estate coach. And he reads real estate books. He even attends, against his better judgement, real estate seminars and webinars, even when he knows it’s just a “pitch” to buy the latest shiny object.

2 - Instant Gratification
The faster it is. The quicker it is. The cheaper it is. He loves it. “30 Listings in 30 Days.” Eureka! He can’t resist “The Big Promise.” Which is why TGP (The Guru Party) is able to so easily exploit, manipulate and profit from the Low-information agent. Because his need for “instant gratification.” Which goes back to his desperation and need to survive. We call these people “Desperate Life Raft” grabbers, because they’ll latch onto anything you throw at them. Help Me. Save me. No matter how ridiculous sounds, the promise that the TGP throws at them. They listen and accept it as gospel. In fact, the bigger the promise. The more hype. The faster the result. The less the effort need or is required. They see all of that as a positive, not as a bold-faced lie or sales pitch.
3 – Completely Gullible
These dummies, I tell you, they never learn their lesson. They jump from one $10K coaching program to the next. And every time they join one of these programs, sure to hell, it’s the same damn thing as the previous. Most cold-calls. More door-knocks. More begging family and friends. More FB ads to generate leads, to then make more “warm” cold-calls. It never seems to amaze me. The gullibility of the Low-information agent. In a way, it’s like an abusive relationship. TGP: “I swear this time is going to be different,” the say. “I’m not going to abuse you.” The Low-information agent: “You swear.” TGP: “I promise.” And this cycle repeats, as the TGP gets rich. While the Low-information grows more desperate, forced even further into survival mode that he was prior.
End result?
The Guru Party continues to brainwash more of the Incompetents. Exploiting their desperation. Which drives more into Survival mode. Which further erodes the trust of the public, as the population of 'The Unethicals' increases.
In the end, society hates real estate agents.
Society distrusts real estate agents.
Society rejects real estate agents, because they see little to no value in the services they provide.
Which means:

Red Pill. Or Blue Pill.
That phrase, of course, popularized in the 1999 film The Matrix. In the film, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. The red pill would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream world and allow him to escape into the real world but living the "truth of reality" is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill would lead him back to stay in the comfortable simulated reality of the Matrix.
You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up and go back to your current real estate business and believe whatever you want to believe. Where you’re forced to operate in world, where society – because of how reputation and negative stereotype works - hates you before you arrive. Distrusts you before you speak a word.
You take the red pill—the story begins, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Remember: all I'm offering is the truth.
On my podcast, from 2014 to 2017, I did more than 100 episodes with the only intent of opening more eyes.
Once the truth is revealed, it can’t be put back in the box.
On the front cover of the Defeat Mega-Agents Doctrine is the trademarked phrase, “Never Talk to Anyone, Until They Know You’re A Someone®.” Which is the opposite of how 'real estate agents' are judged, valued, and treated. 
A Someone is not a pest.
A Someone is not a beggar.
A Someone is not a telemarketer.
A Someone is not a salesperson, nor are they perceived as one.
A Someone does not beg family and friends for referrals, which causes them to lose friends.
A Someone is not desperate for clients, nor do they work on anyone else’s terms.
A Someone is the Authority
A Someone is the Community Leader
A Someone is the Innovator who Creates a Movement, because he inspires the best in others.
A Someone defeats Mega Agents.
Of course, these are all just claims of superior positioning.
But if you keep reading, you will see proof of an entirely different way to operate within the real estate industry, different from the every other agent in your market, who has sold their soul to the devil of prospecting. 

You'll Learn
DIFFERENTIATION: Your challenge is find a way to change the rules of the game so you appear different than competitors - even if you sell, fundamentally, the same product or service to gain a competitive advantage.  
TACTICS: 14 Sources of Differentiation. Each one outlined, they work like compound interest. Stacking on, and integrates with the previous. When combined, you win. 
 BELIEFS: Never Talk To Anyone, Until They Know You're A Someone®. This is about conversion. When you "Open Strong," closing is just the natural next step. 
 VISION & PURPOSE: Finally, you have a Doctrine and path to liberate you from the drudgery of begging, prospecting, and hounding family and friends. You hate it. So don't do it. You don't have to. 
You'll Understand
 REPUTATION: The proof is everywhere. What you will be paid for, especially over time...more than for your know-how, more than for your service or work, more than for your results, more than your Reputation.  

 SABOTAGE: The Reputation of Real Estate Agents is that of a lowly beggar, telemarketer, door to door salesman. None of which society likes or values. The worst part? Agents sabotage themselves without even knowing it, because they refuse to understand how Authority is destroyed. 
 DELINK & DISCONNECT: Negative Reputation. Negative Stereotype. Due to how those 2 things work, you get pigeon-holed into the reputation of the average agent. Thus, you are Hated before you arrive. Distrusted before you speak a word. 
 NEW POSSIBILITIES: By learning and knowing the Eleven Authority Killers, then being certain that you are not guilty of them. You escape Negative Reputation. The Unethicals. The Incompetents. Their Reputation is no longer your Reputation. Opening a whole new world to you.

You'll See:
 EYES OPENED: If you pretend it ain't broke. You don't have to fix it. The real estate industry is Broken. It's a Negative Reputation industry. The Unethicals. The Incompetents. The Guru Party are the architects that bankrupted 'it' of trust. If one doesn't see that, they're a fool. 
 THE JOURNEY: Welcome to the greatest show in history, you be the judge. For real estate agents, "for fighters, entrepreneurs, for agents who refuse to just be 'real estate agents." Warning: Many have binged this before you. 
 THE DEEP DIVE: Rooted in truth. You will be immersed in new ways to build a business outside the propaganda of The Guru Party. They want you to cold-call, door-knock, and demean yourself. But, you're better than that. And you fu*king  know it.
 THE MOVEMENT CREATED: What started as a conversation about truths, exposing a Broken Industry, and exploring new ways to thrive in it, gained momentum. It grew. Expanded. It birthed a new breed of agents. Fighters and true entrepreneurs who  demanded more of themselves. 
You'll Hear:
 BOB GRAND: Young guy. Full-time Captain in the Fire Department. Got into real estate 3-years ago. Wasted 30K on TGP. Now works part-time. Sells 50+ homes per year. Takes vacations all over the world. How? Four words, "Defeat Mega Agents." And "Execution." As a Fire Captain, used to being respected, he brings a unique perspective to this hated industry. 
 RYAN FRANCE: One of the most disciplined people you'll ever meet. A constant seeker of knowledge and high performance. On his 35th birthday, dared to ask if "this," what he was doing, behaving as the typical agent, was his fullest potential? A few months prior, he had found Defeat Mega Agents. From reading  that, he concluded no!
 NEIL O'DONNELL: He's Canadian. Quit his corporate job, got into real estate 3-years ago. Hated KW's BOLD. Searched for new path. Found it. When he's not selling 75+ homes a year. He participates in Moose-tipping in the frozen north. All driven by the Principles contained inside Defeat Mega Agents.
 CARL SLADE: "The New Zealander." It's true. The water in the toilet, really does spin in the other way in the land down under. Contrarian to the typical agent. Carl figured out how to get paid in advance. He revolutionized a new business model, based on the Protector Concept in Defeat Mega Agents, which has made his competitors irrelevant. Paid upfront!... who knew? Now, Carl, "The most Interesting Man in the World," is building his model and Platforms to scale his concept internationally. 
 TIM "SPARTAN" MURPHY: How do you Gamify your RE biz? RTS: Real-time Strategy goes hand in hand with APM: Actions Per Minute. Most operate at 20-3O APM. Dimension three players, though, operate at 300 to 400. Learn how this "gamified" concept has built his Media Company, that powers his construction co. and real estate business. 
 ERIC VERDI: Plateaued for 8-consecutive years at $100K per year. Then found Defeat Mega Agents. Then, the next year, the next year, the next year? Each year he doubled his company. Now pushing close to 7-figures in revenue. Launched a Media Company, and wrote two books. 
 STEVE  WEIRICH: "The Comeback Kid." As a former Trader, in 2008, his life crashed to  pieces. Like others who have been depressed, he threw a pity party. Self-loathed. Felt helpless and completely lost. Then it happened, his "Day of Reckoning." Within 17 months, after finding Defeat Mega Agents, went from dead-broke to doing $25-$30K/mo. He calls it, "His triumphant return from Loserville." 
 JOSH PAINTER: "I refuse to just be a f**king real estate agent." He was selling 150+ homes per year. But miserable. Ready to burn it all to the ground. As John Mackey states, in Conscious Capitalism, "The two most important days in your life; the day you're born and the day you realize why." Painter wasn't born to sell homes. So he reinvented his business around Purpose. Now he sells well over 250 homes per year. Spending more time banging on the drums!
You'll Be Home:
 CONSCIOUS CAPITALISTS: Real estate agents suck. Nobody like them. So don't be one. This is a new breed of entrepreneur. They understand the importance of being world-renowned storytellers. Story is how they drive their business forward, build their army. 
 PRIVATE NETWORK: Association is powerful. If you hangout with "real estate agents," The Unethicals. The Incompetents. The Low-information agent. Then they, like your broker, will continually infect your thinking. Your need a new Spartan Army to hang with to develop powerful new mindsets. 
 DAILY DISCUSSION: We are thinkers. We are strategic. We are methodical. To facilitate growth, we engage in daily discussion around central topics; Content, Distribution, Scale, and Impact. Within each of those quadrants, there are sub-quadrants (Not sales or prospecting) that lead to growth. 
 IODs: Impact of the Day - Across Mind, Body, Business, Relationships. This is the critical component of SpiderWeb Philosophy, our proprietary content creation process, to capture hearts and minds. 
 ADVANCED CONCEPTS: It should be obvious. We don't deal in the mundane or ordinary. You're here, and about to join this private network, because you've been searching for something more than prospecting and sales. 

From page 30, I believed it was possible
Imagine a business that is born out of a dream about how the world could be and should be. The founders are on fire to create something of relevance, resonance, and permanence—a business that will far outlive them, that delivers real value of multiple kinds to everyone it touches. They want to create a business that their parents and children will be proud of, that aspires to so much more than making money—a force for good that enhances the health and well-being of society. The dream of creating a business that enriches the world by its existence and brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of meaning to all who are touched by it.
Picture a business built on love and care rather than stress and fear, whose team members are passionate and committee to their work. Their days race by in a blur of focused intensity, collaboration, and camaraderie. Far from becoming depleted and burned out, they find themselves at the end of each day newly inspired and freshly committed to what brought them to the business in the first place—the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves, to make a difference, to craft a purposeful life while earning a living.
Think of a business that cares profoundly about the well-being of its customers, seeing them not as consumers but as flesh-and-blood human beings whom to it is privileged to serve. It would no more mislead, mistreat, or ignore its customers than any thoughtful person would exploit loved ones at home. It’s team members experience the joy of service, of enriching the lives of others.  

Envision a business that embraces outsiders as insiders, inviting its suppliers into the family circle and treating them with the same love and care it showers on its customers and team members. Imagine a business that is a committed and caring citizen of every community it inhabits, elevating its civic life and contributing in multiple ways to its betterment. Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on a journey toward excellence. Visualize a business that genuinely cares about the planet and all the sentient beings that love on it, that celebrates the glories of nature, that thinks beyond carbon and neutrality to become a healing force that nurses the ecosphere back to sustained vitality.  

Imagine a business that exercises great care in whom it hires, where hardly anyone ever leaves once he or she joins. Imagine a business with fewer managers, because it doesn’t need anyone to look over peoples’ shoulders to make sure they are working or know what to do, a business that is self-managing, self-motivating, self-organizing, and self-healing like any evolved, sentient being.  

See in your mind’s eye a business that chooses and promotes leaders because their wisdom and capacity for love and care, individuals who lead by mentoring and inspiring people rather than commanding them or using carrots or sticks. These leaders are passionately about their people and the purpose of their business and little for power or personal enrichment. 

Imagine a business that exists in a virtuous cycle of multifaceted value creation, generating social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical, and ecological, wealth and well-being for everyone it touches, while also delivering superior financial results year after year, decade after decade. Imagine a business that recognizes that while our planetary resources are limited, human creativity is unlimited and continually fosters the conditions in which its people can rise to their extraordinary, almost miraculous potential.   

Such businesses—suffused with higher purpose, leavened with authentic caring, influential and inspirational, egalitarian and committed to excellence, trustworthy and transparent, admired and emulated, loved and respected—are not imaginary entities in some fictional utopia. They exist in the real world, by the dozens today but soon to be by the hundreds and thousands. 

In the decades ahead, companies such as these will transform the world and lift humanity to new heights of emotional and spiritual well-being, physical vitality, and material abundance. 

Welcome to the heroic new world of Conscious Capitalism.”  


John Mackey, and his book, blew my mind. I had never heard, much less dreamed that business could be done that way. But dammit, after endless rejection in real estate, I wanted it.... I was hooked. His vision. His belief system. 

Since that day, after reading this section, in regards to my identity, I have said: 

1) I am a Storyteller. 

And 2) I am a Conscious Capitalist. 

TURNS OUT... I WAS NOT ALONE - There were others out there, like us, who dreamed of being more than just "a fucking real estate agent." Entrepreneurs who wanted to matter. To build. Create. And give 'birth' to lasting Legacies that get remembered. 

Part  1, of the First Tenet

From page 41: 

What are the  two most important days in your life? The first one is obvious: The  day you were born. But the second one is not so obvious. It is not the day you die; that is the end of the story, not a high point. 

It is not the day you graduate. 

It is not the day you get  married. 

Nor is it the day you have your first child - ALL significant milestones, of course, but not life defining for most. So, what is the 2nd most important day in your life? It is the day you realize why you were born.  

This is your higher purpose.

And no, I'm not a religious person at all. I haven't been to church or participated in any kind of organized religion since I was in 6th grade, the last year my Mom made me attend weekly catechism classes. 

But I do believe I was born and put on earth for a reason. 

What is my "Purpose?" 

From page 146 in Defeat Mega Agents:

I believe as a parent, as a friend, as a mentor, as a marketing consultant, as whatever “title” you wish to give me or others assign me—I believe my purpose is to inspire. To lift up and encourage others to dream. To think big. And not just big. But huge. To not be afraid to imagine the impossible. To keep hope alive and not be fearful of the unknown. To not be cowardly in times when courage is needed. To step up when others won’t. I believe my purpose is to help others to un-cork and un-bottle, to un-lock the potential locked inside themselves. I believe my purpose is to help others expand their vision to see what is actually possible and not just what society tells us is possible. I believe my purpose is to help others create their own destiny and to fulfill their own unique mission.
You see, the "Fighters" and "Entrepreneurs" and "Conscious Capitalists" you read about above, that happen to operate in real estate. They didn't want to just be a “real estate agent” - a profession of low status. 
They wanted to build and create something that mattered.

And they were willing to sacrifice

They knew it wouldn't be easy to learn an entirely new skillset. To leave behind all the "familiar" tactics and strategies of Real estate. But to live their life's purpose, they had to travel into unknown lands. 

After publishing Defeat Mega Agents, I later simplified my purpose. It went from that entire  paragraph to

"To create a movement of movements, by helping others to create their own."

Then simply

"To Inspire the Uninspired." 
From that belief, and working with the agents who bought Defeat Mega Agents, who identified with the Conscious Capitalist identity & belief system - I created ImpactClub®. The videos to the left, are proof of our impact on our communities.

Which begs the question: 

You know the day you were born. But have you realized (yet) the reason why you were born? 


I was put on this earth to help people create movements through Story!!

I am a Storyteller. 

That - is what a Conscious Capitalist is. 

The Red Pill unlocks the Rabbit Hole. 
The Blue Pill the story ends.
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Eyes Opened! -- Over 10,000 Agents Impacted. They Chose The RED Pill.

Difficult to describe...

"It's difficult to begin to describe how life changing your message has been to me. Not only have I changed my business, but also the way I parent and live my life.  You're one of a kind, and I'm beyond grateful to you for having the courage to share your beliefs, ideas and knowledge to me.  I'm learning who I am, and just being her unapologetically. Thank you for your inspiration! " - Erica Ibsen

Look what just arrived... 

"Ryan - Hahaha look at what I’ve just been given at 10pm tonight Thank you so much Ryan. Chris Arnold were talking about you and Sloper today. My colleague David was asking what your pull is? My response… TRUTH" You. Your message. Carl Slade and countless others. People in the PSS program, I know nothing of and never met. All preaching the right way of selling homes. It massively resonates." 
- John Savage

Close to my heart...

"I'm holding Defeat Mega-Agents close to my heart - for a good reason. And I thank you for that... Your book has freed many of us from that treadmill of mediocrity. You have shown us that we can work differently, just be being who we are. Since getting your book in December 2014, I have shifted my thinking to be much more of a storyteller, in print. (Always was a storyteller in person, when with clients). I'll add a story I wrote a couple weeks ago to show the change... Folks have responded well to the new approach." - Patrick Harfst

Eyes Opened...

"I'm only partway through the book since I can't seem to turn off my binge podcast listening. However, what I have read, and heard, has completely changed the direction I'm headed. I'm finally able to see, from a practical standpoint, what I can be doing to ACTUALLY make changes instead of making theoretical changes. Reading the book and listening to the podcast definitely connected some dots for me. I'm a straight forward, no bs, do what I want person...except I wasn't acting that way in my business. Thanks again for the wake up call." - Carmela Smith

It's all bullsh*t...

“Forget the typical real estate industry books and training. It’s all bullshit and unlikely to get you anywhere significant. Believe me, I’ve been what many would call a “seminar junkie" in this industry for close to 23 years. Defeat Mega Agents and Ryan’s core principles, are the absolute best I have seen. It’s founded in truth and gives you real strategies to build your business in a way you can and will be proud of.  I only got my copy of this book a few weeks ago, we are all ready seeing a real difference in our business and community.” - Carl Slade

I devoured it...

"My friend Tim Hong who read your book and subscribes to your newsletter recommended I look you up because I too am an agent but embarrassed to associate myself with other real estate agents. Thank you for writing Defeat Mega Agents!! I devoured it and the newsletter during my weeklong cruise trip to the caribbean. In reading the book it was like you read my thoughts and put them on paper (much more eloquently than I can write). In short, thank you and keep doing what you're doing, you represent us well!" - Erwin Szeto

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